• hazlewoodjj

Artist Profile: Lil Migo

If there is one artist that I have to put you onto, it's definitely Lil Migo.

Born and raised in Memphis, Lil Migo came on the scene in 2019. Whether it was "Rockstar", "Truth", and "Rumors", Lil Migo dropped bangers that garnered millions of views. With dope instrumentals and a unique voice to match, Lil Migo was able to get the attention of Yo Gotti, Blacc Youngsta, and the CMG collective.

Signing to CMG and being affiliated with the likes of Yo Gotti, Blacc Youngsta, and MoneyBagg Yo, Lil Migo is seen as the next wave of Memphis rappers.

With hit such as "Letter 2 The Industry", "No Love In My Heart", "Sleep", "Jet" and "Get Here" and being affiliated with highly recognizable artists, Lil Migo has a bright future a head of him.

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