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Artist Profile: Maxo Kream

Houston's Maxo Kream is an artist that you need to look out for.

Coming from the underground/soundcloud scene around 2013, Maxo Kream delivers a story telling and ignorant style of rap.

With projects such as #Maxo187 and The Persona Tape, Maxo rap's about his past life. Whether it's his gang background, growing up in the streets, friends, drugs, or beef, he speaks about such ideas in a vivid/clever way that doesn't seem too forced upon.

In addition to highlighting his style of rap, Maxo Kream has several hits. The most famous being "Fetti ft Playboi Carti and Da$h", "The Relays ft Travis Scott", "She Live ft Megan Thee Stallion", "Grannies", and "Beg Your Pardon ft 03 Greedo".

With Maxo Kream having so many dope records, I highly recommend you check out projects such as Brandon Banks and Punken to truly understand and appreciate his work.

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