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Artist Profile: UnoTheActivist

When talking about underground super stars, UnoTheActivist has to be mentioned. Coming out of Atlanta, UnoTheActivist has a unique style of rapping and melodic melodies.

Coming out around 2016, UnoTheActivist can be considered a pioneer of the soundcloud wave. With early hits such as "Parking lot Pimpin", "No Lick", "Vlong Thug", and "Dirty". UnoTheActivist definitely created a vibe that resonated with so many. With autotune and a melodic rap sound, UnoTheActivist spoke about drugs, trap, and women in a catchy and relatable way. If someone where on a long drive in the middle of the night, Uno supplied music for all the slow and hype moments of that journey.

UnoTheActivist achieved mainstream notoriety when he first came out with the single "What". Featuring Playboi Carti, Uno created a banger that could be played at the biggest party, sonically sound well, and was easy to follow. Uno then shocked the world when he released the "What" music video that contained the legendary Asap Rocky and a group of people that you wouldn't normally expect.

UnoTheActivist would then go to release his first mainstream project titled, Live.Shyne.Die. With songs like "Yamha" , "No Flaggin", "Fabo", and "Pop at Ya Buddy", Uno was at his peak and a had dope wave.

Uno would drop several projects after that such as 8, limbus, and For Christ Sake 2 featuring ThouxanbandFauni. When looking at the progression of Uno, he has came a long with from where he started. When Uno drops a project, his music sounds more polished than before and has one song for every moment.

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