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Classic: Because The Internet

Childish Gambino's second studio album Because The Internet is a classic project in my opinion. Coming out in 2013, this 19 track project showed us the creativity and genius behind Childish Gambino.

One aspect that needs to discussed is the production. Compared to his first project Camp, Because The Internet sounds way better with tons of amazing instrumentals with trap and slow jam influences.

In addition to having great production, Childish Gambino gave us a variety of sounds on the project. Whether it was the upbeat and ratchetness seen in "Worldstar", the pop influence of "3005", or the R&B sound of "Telegraph Ave" and "Urn" Childish took his album in so many directions. With Gambino giving us so many sides to his music and speaking about prominent aspects of Internet at the time, he tries to create an album that is representative of the Internet culture.

Check it out

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