• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tape: Days Before Rodeo

In 2014, Travis Scott released a free album on Datpiff. Despite many people knowing Travis Scott for his production and being signed to Kanye, many believed that this Houston artist wouldn't live up to the hype. However, all that was put aside when he dropped Days Before Rodeo. When this project dropped, many can remember how well produced it was and how different it was from anything they previously heard.

Travis Scott delivered a project that was ambitious and experimental at this time. Days Before Rodeo contained 12 songs that were influenced by the trap music scene in Atlanta and the screwed and chopped scene in Houston.

Whether it was songs such as "Dont' Play", "Mamacita", "Sloppy Toppy" and "Bacc" that sparked moments of insanity and rage among listeners or songs such as"Skyfall" and Drugs you should try" that created a euphoric and twisted feeling, Travis Scott was able to show beauty within his chaotic music.