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Classic Tape: Dirty Sprite 2

When talking about Future, Dirty Sprite 2 is one of his best projects hands down. From 2014-2015, Future went on a hot run dropping hit after hit. Whether it was "Fuck Up Some Commas", "March Madness", "Trap Niggas", or "Codeine Crazy" Future was in his prime. For all that Future did and having multiple hits, Dirty Sprite 2 really took Future from an underground legend to a mainstream artist.

Dirty 2 Sprite at the time was a solid and cohesive body of work. The production and instrumentals on the album were so excellently put together. From the very first song "Thought it Was A Drought" to "Rich Sex", Future delivered an ignorant style of rap that sounded album worthy. Up until then, Future was able to give us hits but he never had a project that was very well put together.

In addition to creating a dope sounding album, Future was able to give so many quotable and catchy lyrics to the listeners. Whether it was songs such as "Where Ya At", "Blow A Bag", "Stick Talk", and "I Serve the Base", most people can remember a time where they were out/in the club/ or at a party and everyone were singing each song word for word.

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