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Classic Tape: Dreams and Nightmares

Meek Mill's debut album, Dreams and Nightmares is a classic for several reasons. Coming out in 2012, this project showed how amazing Meek Mill is and what he can potential be.

With 16 songs and features ranging from Wale, Rick Ross, Drake, Nas, Kirko Bangz, and Big Sean, Meek Mill's debut was one that cannot be forgotten.

First of all this album can be considered a classic just for its intro. When you first hear those iconic piano keys on "dreams and nightmares" and Meek Mill rapping, the first half of the song will motivate and hit you differently than anything you heard previously from Meek. However, just when you think Meek Mill is done, the song switches up to Meek Mill delivering a crazy verse on a whole new instrumental. Most people can remember a scenario when they first heard an entire party or club singing the song word for word and going crazy. Ultimately, showing how monumental the song is.

In addition to the introduction being so legendary, the whole project contains nothing but good songs. Whether it was "Amen", "In God We Trust", "Believe It", "Tony Story Pt2", "Burn", "Lay Up" and "Maybach Curtains", Meek Mill had songs that sounded different from one another but stayed true to himself. With the project coming out in 2012 and listening to it in 2020, the songs definitely aged well and shows it meets the classics standards.

Check it out below

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