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Classic Tape: Hell Hath No Fury

For most casual fans of hip-hop, their only understanding of who Pusha-T is can be defined as being the guy that dissed Drake.

However, Pusha-T and his brother, Malice were once and still can be considered the dopest thing to come out of Virginia. Coming together to make "The Clipse", Pusha-T and Malice are icons in hip-hop.

Despite most people thinking their first project "Lord Willin" to be a classic, I believe their Hell Hath No Fury album is an amazing body of work and a true classic.

When listening to the album, Pusha-T and Malice sonically sound great together. Both of them known how to ride each instrumental and deliver standout verses. Pusha-t and Malice go off on songs such as "Dirty Money", "Keys Open Doors", "Aint Cha" by constantly switching up flows, coming up with clever metaphors and adlibs, and constructing vivid pictures to their audience.

In addition to Pusha-T and Malice brining dope lyricism to the project, the production on this tape was amazing. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo as "The Neptunes" created a sound that wasn't heard in hop . Whether it was songs such as "Wamp Wamp" that used steel pan drums, "Momma I'm Sorry" that had dope the melodies, or "Chinsese New Year" that just had abnormal sound patterns to it, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo together with The Clipse introduced a whole new level that rap can be taken.

If such ideas don't make you want to the check the project out, the infamous "Mr.Me Too" song (which is till relevant to this date) is on it .

Check it out below

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