• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tape: Konnichiwa

In 2016 Skepta, one of the pioneers of the U.K's grime scene, released his fourth studio album Konnichiwa.

With 12 songs and features ranging from Asap Bari, JME, Asap Nast, and Wiley, Konnichiwa was an album that was different from what was coming out of the U.K music scene.

Around 2015-2016, most people limited U.K rapper's to only a grime sound. However with Konnichiwa, Skepta combines grime and trap in a way that resonates with a North American audience.

Skepta mixes his unique swagger with dope lyricism. For example in songs such as "Text Me Back", "Konnichiwa", and "Corn on the Cub" Skepta comes off as a person who is really self aware and knows that he is "that guy". When listening to the project, Skepta constantly shares his personal experiences, his mindset, and his accomplishments to reinforce such ideas in a smooth manner.

In addition to having a dope subject manner, Konnichiwa is filled with several hits. Whether it was "Shut Down", "It Aint Safe", "Man", and "That's Not Me" Skepta had catchy choruses, quotable lyrics, and crazy instrumentals to match.

With great content matter and hits, Konnichiwa was a classic album