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Classic Tape: Kush and Orange Juice

If someone told me which Wiz Khalfia tape to listen to, I would suggest Kush & Orange Juice

Coming out in 2010, this famous tape can be considered Wiz Khalifa's first classic project. With 18 songs and features ranging from Curren$y, Big Krit, and Killa Kyleon, this project was the soundtrack to many smoke sessions.

When listening to song such as "Mezmorized" "Spotlight" "Up", "Good Dank" Wiz Khalifa delivers a really laid back vibe. The lyrics and instrumentals give off a west coast vibe and reinforces what it means to be stoner living a lavish life.

In addition to creating such ideas and pictures, Wiz Khalifa rap's in a way that is slick and smooth. In song such as "Never been", "In the Cut", and "Glass House", Wiz Khalifa remains true to himself. He never wants to be anyone else, he is in his own lane, and not trying to be like anyone else.

If you haven't listened to the project I recommend you do.

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