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Classic Tape: Summertime 06

When talking about great artist coming out of the West Coast, Vince Staples has to be in the discussion.

With his debut project SummerTime 06 Vince Staples delivers a 2 disc album with features ranging from Joey Fatts, A$hton Matthews, Future, Jhene Aiko, and Delay.

With Vince Staples being from the West Coast, his project does not contain the typical instrumentals we hear from the West Coast. Whether it was song such as "Dopeman", "Lemme Know", "3230", and "Hang N Bang", Vince uses instrumentals that contain dark syntheses, unique drum patterns, and weird sounds.

But despite Vince Staples' music not sounding like it came out of L.A, SummerTime 06 gives an introspective look on the L.A gang lifestyle and the culture.

When listening to the project, Vince Staples is able to critical analyze what life is to those living in the inner city, the obsession between people with materialistic items and money, the music scene, and the obsession of fame. Whether it songs such as "Lift Me Up", "Señorita" "Norf, Norf", and "Get Paid" Vince Staples sounds like he saying some ignorant lyrics but he actually is saying something that has a deeper meaning.

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