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Classic Tape: Thank Me Later

For many Drake fan's most of them can consider "Nothing was The Same" or "Take Care" as being the classic tapes.

However, his debut project "Thank Me Later" is a flawless album in my opinion. With Drake being the newest artist being endorsed by Lil Wayne at the time, many wondered if the Young Canadian was able to live up and boy..... he was.

Coming out in 2010, many songs on this project were hits. Whether it was "Find your Love", "Over", "Miss Me", "Fire Works", and "Fancy", Drake was able to put out a number of hits that sonically sound great, contained memorable lyrics, and were excellently produced.

In addition to having multiple hits, the album showed what Drake was capable of. On Thank Me Later, Drake really defined the rap/singing sound that we know him for. In songs such as "Unforgettable", "Show Me a Good Time", and "Resistance" Drake implemented a melodic style of rap that has been used and influential to many artists.

For those who listening to this project, the early form of Drake could not be denied. With Drake sounding this good on his first project, it left an incredible mark on the music scene. With Drake sounding this good, he was able to live up to the hype and was able to refine his sound and become a great artist.

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