• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tape: Victory Lap

Despite knowing and being familiar with Nipsey Hussle, I never got the chance to truly appreciate how great Victory Lap was until his untimely death.

If I could describe how this album, it would be "Boss Up" music. The album was meant to motivate and inspire and Nipsey Hussle did as such.

Whether it was songs such as "Young Nigga", "Hussle and Motiviate", and "Grinding All My Life" Nipsey Hussle rapped in a way that you made you want to go out and get. When you hear Nipsey Hussle talk so vividly about his come up, he lets you know that can do the same.

Even "Last Time That I Checc'd", "Rap Niggas", and"Succa Proof" that are meant to be hype up tracks have such an effect and shows how good Nipsey Hussle was.

If you haven't checked out this project I highly recommend you do.