• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tape: We Are The Streets

When talking about the golden era of hip-hop, the 1990's and 2000's was filled with nothing but great projects, songs, and rappers.

With New York being the Mecca of hip-hop, rap groups such as Mob Deep, Wu Tang, and A Tribe Called Quest can be considered a apart of Hip-hop royalty.

But Despite these groups getting such love, people often fail to mention the legendary LOX. Styles P, Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch arguably dropped a classic project with We Are The Streets. Released on January 25, 2000 and having production from Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, their sophomore album showed the trio's talent.

We Are The Streets embodied the old school of hip-hop . Whether it was Styles P, Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch each member was able to ride each instrumental well, deliver clever/slick punchlines, and sound good with one another. For example in songs such as "F*** You", "Breathe Easy", and "Recognize" a listener is able to see how each member adds their own unique style to the song but make it sound cohesive.

In addition to having great sounding songs, this album contains the most legendary Jadakiss song, "Blood Pressure". With high energy and clever word play, "Blood Pressure" was able to embody the grimmest and purest form of old school hip-hop.

In terms of single's, We Are The Streets had commercial success as well. With songs such as "Wild Out" and "Ride Or Die B****" peaking on the US Rap Chart. Such an accomplishment should be recognized since the group didn't plan on making a single for the album and illustrates the movement that they had behind them.

With brining so much to the table, We Are The Streets can be considered a hip-hop classic.