• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tapes: Flockavelli

If someone asked you who Waka Flocka they would instantly quote lyrics off" Hard in the paint". However, if you asked them if they listened to Flockavelli they would probably be confused.

In 2010, Waka Flocka dropped his hardest body of work titled Flockavelli. The project was a combination of Crunk and gangster rap.

With deep 808's, bass kicks, and intense instrumentals, the project is the definition of high energy. Whether it was tracks like "Bang", "Live By the Gun", "Bustin' at 'Em", "G-Check" "Karma", and "Brick Squad" Waka showed nothing but pure aggression. With that being said such songs will make anyone instantly either want to go ham at whatever they are doing or either punch someone in the face.

Without the introduction of the Flockavelli tape, artist such as Chief Keef wouldn't have been able to rise up and be as influential as they are.