• hazlewoodjj

Classic Tapes: PartyNextDoor 2

When people think of PartyNextDoor, PartyNextDoor 2 is the first tape that should come mind. Unlike his PartyNextDoor 1 project, PartyNextDoor 2 can be described as either"nostalgia" or "a vibe" in my personally opinion. I call it "nostalgia" or "a vibe" since most people can remember the first time they heard this project and how it made them feel.

PartyNextdoor 2 is a combination of his raw honesty with sexually tones, darkness, bass heavy atmospheres. Songs such as "Grown Women", "Sex on the Beach", "East Side Liberity" "Her Way" and "Belong to The City" demonstrate this. PartyNextDoor paints a vivid picture of certain situations or people that most of his listeners can relate to it/understand.

In addition to way the songs were set up, the production on this project is something that should be talked about. PartyNextDoor was able to take elements such as the chopped and screwed sound, with trap music, and combine it with early 90's R&b. Through doing so, he was able to create his own sound and separate him from other artists.