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Drakeo The Ruler

Drakeo The Ruler is an artist you should definitely be on the watch for. Coming out of the Los Angeles scene, Drakeo has a laid back style that is filled with charisma and clever punchlines.

Debuting around 2016, Drakeo and his collective "The Stinc Team" had massive hits such as "Chunky Monkey", "Mr.GetDough", "Mr.Everything", and "Big Banc Uchies". With Drakeo getting so much notoriety and love, his success was cut short when he went to jail.

However after spending 3 years in jail, Drakeo has returned and has come back stronger than ever. After coming home, Drakeo released his We Know The Truth tape featuring songs such as "Lil Boosie", "Energy", "For Real", and "Do or Die". With Drakeo getting mainstream coverage regarding his music and time in jail, his star power his exceeding beyond most people's expectation. As of recent, Drakeo has teased a track with mega superstar, Drake and plans to make a big statement when the record drops.

For all that Drakeo is, I definitely recommend you check him out.

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