• hazlewoodjj

GASHI 1984

I remember Gashi appearing on the No Jumper Show back in the day and was instantly intrigued when I heard his life story of him and his family coming to America. After watching his interview, I instantly began to check out his music and was impressed from what I heard. Whether it was songs such "Switch Up", "Disrepectful", and "Day Ones", Gashi offered a unique style that blended melodic vocals and whitty bars.

With his new project, 1984. Gashi has really defined his sound. With 13 songs, Gashi delievers a really a dope album.

When listening to this project, Gashi definitely implements a pop vibe to it. Although, Gashi completely removes himself from the rap genre to more of a pop sound, it works for him.

Although, the pop sound maybe played out to some, Gashi has his moments on the project. Whether it is songs such as "Lies", "Upset", and "Funeral Friends" Gashi sounds pretty good and creates a vibe that is radio friendly.