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Headie One EDNA

U.K artist, Headie One releases his second project of 2020, EDNA. Following the release of singles such as "Only You Freestyle ft Drake" and "Aint it Different ft AJ Tracey and Stormzy", Headie One delivers a solid body of work.

With 20 songs and features ranging from stars such as Aitch, Aj Tracey, Stormzy, MHuncho, Drake, Future Skepta, Young Adz, and Kaash Page, Headie One gives us a healthy balance of both rap, drill, and melody.

In songs such as, "Teach Me" and "Hear No Evil", Headie One raps over drill beats and delivers style of rap that includes elements trap and melodic singing. Such style is not new for Headie, but it is what he does best.

In addition to creating dope sounding songs, Headie's lyricism is really on display in this project. In songs such as "Parlez- Vous Anglais" and "You/Me", Headie One delivers witty punch lines to the audience and creates vivid pictures and scenarios of what he is rapping about.

Overall, you should check out this project and the "Parlez-Vous Anglais" video below.

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