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UFC 254

UFC 254 was definitely a crazy set of events.

When watching the main card all the fights were very impressive. Whether it was Ankalev's rematch over Cutelaba, Murphy's submission over Shakirova, Hawes K.O over Malkoun, and Volkov's TKO victory over Harris, the main card was filled with nothing but incredible fights.

With so many amazing fights, the co-main and the main event really stole the show in my opinion. When watching the Whittaker and Cannonier fight, Whittaker dominated a top contender. With Cannonier getting a tittle shot if he beat Whittaker, many were expecting the new contender to beat the once reigning middleweight champ. However with so much pressure and hype behind Cannonier, Whittaker was able to change the narrative and dominate the 3 round fight. After watching Whittaker win over Cannonier, it secures his name as the number 1 contender and sets himself up to get the rematch with Isreal Adesanya.

After an incredible with performance with Whittaker and Cannonier, the main event featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje took place. With Nurmagomedov coming off a long lay off and his father's death, the undefeated fighter faced his toughest opponent yet with Gaethje. Despite facing a deadly striker, Nurmagomedov came out on top. In the opening round Nurmagomedov stood and exchanged with Gaethje up until the final seconds of the round. Gaethje used a number of leg kicks and punches to keep Nurmagomedov on edge however, that wasn't enough. Nurmagomedov took Gaethje down and was able to put him to sleep with a triangle choke.

With Nurmagomedov securing a 29-0 victory, the fighter broke down and released the emotions that he kept inside about his father. Nurmagomedov then shocked the world by retiring and claimed he couldn't continue fighting without having his father in the corner. Through over coming such adversity and turmoil, Nurmagomedov leaves behind an incredible legacy and puts his name as the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC.

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