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UFC Vegas 11

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

As UFC Vegas 11 comes to end, the main card did not disappoint.

When watching the main card, 4 fights really caught my attention. The start of Walker and Spann was a chaotic upturn of events. Spann came out strong and landed strong strikes against Walker, leaving him wobbled and weak footed. However, Walker was about to come back near the end of the first round, landing vicious elbows to the back of the head and securing a victory. With Walker coming off a two fight losing streak, it was nice to see the Brazilian fighter with a win over a ranked opponent.

After the Spann and Walker fight, the highly anticipated Chimaev and Meerschaert debut took place. With Chimaev having the fastest return time in the ufc, he landed a 17 second knock out over Meerschaert . Chimaev landed a beautiful right hand and instantly dropped Meerschaert. With Chimaev securing three victories in a span of 60 days, people are starting to see him as the next start coming out of MMA and a threat to the middle and welterweight divisons.

The co-main with Cerrone (Cowboy) and Price was an interesting fight to say the least. Price in the first round came out like a bat of hell and constantly applied pressure on Cerrone. Despite Cerrone coming back in the fight, it felt that Cowboy was just a step behind Price. Although it appeared that Price won fight, the fight came to draw due to Price's unintentional eye pokes. With Cerrone not getting a win in 5 fights, many people are starting to believe that Cerrone's time in the UFC is coming to an end.

After the co-main, the main fight with Covington and Woodley took place. With Covington's controversial political views and s*** talking and Woodley's political stance and history with Covington, many people expected this fight to be a slug fest. However, that wasn't the case. When watching the fight Wooldey was not able to let his hands go and take the fight to Covington. Covington applied nothing but pressure, taking him to the fence, and landing elbows/strikes from the clinch for 5 straight rounds. Despite Woodley suffering a rib injury forcing the fight to stop, Covington dominated the fight and would have ran the clock out. With Woodley suffering his 3rd straight loss, many are expecting him to leaving the sport he once dominated.

Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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