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UFC Vegas 17

Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

As the final UFC event of 2020 comes to an end, we have to commend the UFC for putting on so many incredible events. Whether it was Stylebender vs Costa, Felder vs Hooker, Usman vs Masvidal, or Fergueson vs Gaethje, the UFC was able to put on so many great fights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 2020 coming to a close, UFC Vegas 17 definitely ended the year on a high note.

The first performance that caught my attention was the Pettis vs Morono fight. With Anthony Pettis coming back to his second fight of 2020, many wondered if he still had it in him to keep up his win streak. Despite a bad first round where Morono dominated Pettis on the ground, Pettis was able to come back around in the second and third, nearly TKO Morono at the end of the third round with a spinning wheel kick, and secure a victory.

After incredible performance from Pettis, the Moraes vs Font fight blew my expectations. With Font coming back after ACL surgery, I was very hesitant on he would do against a top 5 contender such as Moraes. But after seeing Font K.O Moraes, I realized how much of a threat he could be to the bantamweight division (135lb division). When watching the fight it appeared that Moraes was going to come out on top due to his wrestling and brazilian jiu jitsu. However, when Moraes was able to get back on his feet, the fight completely changed. When it came to striking, the power Font was able to out match Moraes, and left him completely concussed in the very first round. With Moraes losing to Font, Font is placed into the top of division and leaves Moraes on a 2 fight losing streak and an unclear future.

With Font and Pettis putting on crazy performances, the co-main event with Aldo and Vera was a fight I was really looking forward to. With Aldo on a 3 fight losing streak, I didn't know if he would be able to compete with the young killers of the bantamweight division. Ultimately, I was proven wrong. Aldo was able to came up on top over Vera by targeting his body, leg, and controlling him on the ground and fence . As Aldo secures his first victory in the bantamweight division and calling out previous champ T.J Dillashaw, his future in this division remains bright.

As the co-main event came to an end, the Thompson vs Neal was the fight that I was looking forward to the most. When the fight was announced, I felt that Thompson would secure the victory over Neal due to his unique style of striking and movement. While watching the fight, my prediction proved to be the case. As soon as Neal tried to engage, Thompson's footwork and angle changes continuously allowed him to get out of harms way and set up his attacks for 5 full rounds. With Thompson securing a victory over a young contender like Neal, it creates an interesting conversation regarding the top contenders of the welterweight division (175lb division).

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