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UFC Vegas 9

Photo by by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

As UFC Vegas 9 comes to an end, there were a number of stand out performances in the main card.

When watching the Kelleher and Rodriguez bout, Kelleher was able to get a lightning fast guillotine choke over Rodriguez in the first round. Showing how crazy his ground game is and how much of a threat he is to the featherweight division.

Despite Kelleher getting a first round submission, they wouldn't be the last ones seen in this card. Muniz was able to secure an arm bar over Fabinski. While taking Fabinski down, Muniz cleverly tricked him to believe he was going for a triangle submission. In this attempt, Muniz quickly went into an arm bar and forcing Fabinski to tap out.

After two back-to-back submission, Pereira and Imadaev defintely had the flashiest performance of the night. Pereira definitely stole the show for being cocky and not respecting Imdaev power. Pereria went all out with super man punches, break dancing, hooks, and having his arms completely down in the face of Imadaev. Despite doing so much, Pereira was able to get the submission over Imadaev in the final moments of the last round.

While the fights leading to the co-main and main event were crazy, the co-main with Saint Preux and Menifield was a dope performance. When watching the fight, it appeared that Menifield had the upper hand and hurt Saint Preux in the final moments of the first round. However, Saint Preux was able to deliver a killer blow to Menifield while moving backwards and delivered a Wakanda salute to end his bout .

With such a good card, the main event with Overeem and Sakai was an eventful match up. Sakai appeared to be leading the pace and applying pressure for the first two rounds over Overeem. However, Overeem was able to take the fight back landing hard blows and finishing him with a nasty ground and pound in the fifth.

Overall, UFC Vegas 9 definitely lived up to the hype

Photo by by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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